graphene can quickly transmit electricity, graphite price but electronic devices need to start and stop control current characteristics of materials, this kind of material is called a semiconductor.From graphene (and other 2 d material), obtained similar electrical properties is an important goal. , published in the journal of advanced functional materials, Yakobson and Zhuhua Zhang postdoctoral research team found that at a certain point of view, these "winding" interface will release those may weaken the stress of the lamella."If near the interface stress is lower, the strength of the graphene will improve," Zhang said, "but is only applicable to winding interface." Yakobson and his team calculated the mechanical strength of grain boundaries, to determine how to affect each other: they tend to connect where boundaries, in under the action of tension, which position will break.Interface can be used to form the dislocation loop, the interface between the reduced graphene sheets can.From six to loop through a carbon atom atomic ring position moves to the position of the adjacent ring, five graphite manufacturers atoms to form a ring and ring a seven atoms.Sometimes the Angle of the domain is decided to form winding interface or flat interface.By simulating the winding interface, Zhang and his colleagues calculate their tensile strength and the band gap characteristics.He can determine where is cyclical, when the shape of their repeated along the length direction of the boundary, this feature is applicable to the entire chip. It is important to note that what he simulated energy "merit" winding interface, for symmetrical boundary, is a perfect match.Tem images show with approximate china graphite dislocation arrangement of atoms grain boundary structure.Observed hundreds of rings, only a pair of ring and is not in place, may be caused by the distortion of microscope of electron beam irradiation.According to les laboratory, scientists will have to solve how to get the polycrystalline ink with the precise tolerance, but it is hard to do. "But so far, assuming that