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Global graphite industry product

Le 29 octobre 2015, 06:44 dans Humeurs 0

transistor has serious leaks, the researchers hope that by smaller regulation can eliminate the sale.html"> disadvantages.In addition, the researchers created a quantum interference device, this device can be used to manipulate electron wave ring structure.??Factors affecting the properties of graphite flake lines are the width of the graphite, graphite strip can shutter electronic like carbon nanotubes.The width of the graphite strip determines the band gap of the materials.??In addition, the researchers also found that the electron by the speed of graphite flake has nothing to do with the electron energy, the properties are similar to light.Because the electron is Dirac particles, so they can be quite a long distance without scattering.??The challenges in the present graphite study is mainly to improve graphite molding technology, molded graphite suppliers molded graphite because the electron transport properties in graphite flake line edge smoothness.??DE Heer said: "we have found some of graphite flake material properties of new, surprising, before we are studying in high quality molded the two-dimensional material no." Global graphite industry product research and development will be in 10 major areas: 1. The high performance sealing parts and products.This product has four key techniques: insert technology, puffing desulfurization technology, composite strengthening technology, molding technology.2. High performance conductive material, make between layers "20151029xrd" of compound, demanding stability, technology can fix.3. Battery materials.4. Environmental protection material.5. Biological materials.6. Noise insulation materials.7. Protective safety material.8. Shielding material.9. Arts and crafts materials.10. The catalyst.Over the next five years China's focus on the development of deep processing of graphite products are straight carbon, graphite fluoride, permeability silica ink, carbon tube graphite, lithium ion battery materials, carbon fuel cell materials. Scientists in the Georgia institute of technology and the French academy of sciences, successfully create a transistor <a href=" in the graph

the geological background of different villages

Le 26 octobre 2015, 08:59 dans Humeurs 0

but the main mineral resources distribution is relatively concentrated, is conducive to scale production.Reduced land Domestic mineral resources are widely distributed, and china graphite all the villages and towns have output of mineral resources.At the same time, the geological background of different villages and towns each has a different combination of mineral resources, mineral resources around the show specificity.Zhang ping village, such as concentration distribution in phosphorus chemical industry base, zhang ping village forest farm of graphite base, too pincher creek plum factory area of forsterite, serpentine base, chrysanthemum to township of cement with limestone, with shale ceramsite and other graphite suppliers building materials industrial base and so on, the concentration distribution of mineral "20151026xrd" resources, is very beneficial to the development and utilization of scale.3, the main mineral resources reserves is big, good quality.According to statistics, reduced land reserves of mineral resources in the province forefront of phosphate rock, graphite mine, finishes with granite, olivine, serpentine, bud potassium sand shale mineral, etc.Main mineral reserves big not only, and are of good quality and conform to the requirements of the industry, such as high grade phosphate rock, P2O5 content is 22% on average, up to 33%, is a major region in the province of the rich phosphate rock;Graphite mine, with its large scale, high grade carbon fixed (up to 13%) is famous throughout the country., a total of 4 (with) raw ore deposit more, lean ore and difficult selecting ore, the exploitation and utilization is difficult.Land (with) in raw ore deposit with low and medium grade phosphate rocks and its associated ore sand shale and potassium iodine;Phosphorus iron ore and other 15 kinds of Alfred chuang area, accounts for about 25% of the total number of china graphite supplier minerals have been found, accounting for 20% of the total deposit in these (partner) raw mineral, mineral smelting and difficulties, the development and comprehensive utilization and cost is high

periodicals related research has been published

Le 19 octobre 2015, 07:54 dans Technologie 0

g significance to the device, the famous periodicals related research has been published in "20151019xrd" the journal of the American chemical society journal (JACS 132, 944 (2010)).And Chemical & Engineering News with Gilded Graphene gave written report. Recently, the university of California, Los Angeles segment set front professor of chemistry and materials of the department of huang, a professor at the leadership team through the block copolymer templates method can simply the preparation of a large area of semiconductor mesoporous graphene, and use this material to achieve the high current and switch ratio of graphene devices.Results are published in the latest issue of the journal nature nanotechnology.Graphene (Graphene) is composed of carbon atoms in a two-dimensional crystal, general thickness direction for single atomic layer or double layer of carbon atoms.It is a stable material, is also a kind of forbidden band width is nearly zero half metal materials.It has a much higher than the silicon carrier mobility (200000 cm2 / v), at room temperature with micron grade mean free path and long coherence length.Therefore, graphene is an ideal material, nanometer circuit is also verify the ideal material of quantum effect.But due to complete basic china graphite supplier no band gap, graphene greatly limits its application in semiconductor devices, so for graphene opens a band gap, is a very important topic.Recently, studies have shown that one dimensional limited scale of graphene have certain band gap, nanobelts, china graphite can obtain high performance crystal field effect tube, increase the speed and graphite supplier efficiency, to reduce the heat consumption chip.However, the preparation of width of less than 10 nm graphene nanobelts is a very difficult scientific problems.At the university of California, Los Angeles team through experiment system to make a new kind of graphene nanostructures, mesoporous graphene.This new structure is similar to the graphene nanobelts, ordered mesoporous can rise to the confined effect, open the band gap of graphene to make graphene by

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